Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking Back at 2007

I thought I'd end the year with a look back at some of the calls I made a mere 12 months ago. Some were good, others didn't pan out quite as well as I'd hoped.

So, with no further ado:
Unemployment in Ohio will rise above 6%. Unemployment in October reached 5.9%, with November at 5.6%. We won't get December numbers until next month, but I'm going to call this one a qualified sort-of...

No border fence with Mexico. Nope, don't see one yet. *ding*

Hillary will wait before announcing her candidacy. *buzz* I admit, I missed this one. And look where it's gotten her - a big early boost, followed by falling numbers that may cost her in Iowa.

No ground will be broken on new arena. Missed this one by a couple of months - and was feeling quite secure with winter coming on.

Fees on garbage pickup. A big *ding* on this one. And to think, the "temporary" 3/4% income tax hasn't been repealed.

Erie Street Market to remain closed. In all fairness, has anyone realized it is open? Look for a possible resolution to this money pit from City Council on Jan. 2. (yeah, right)

Steam Plant shows not sign of progress. Can I get a "whoop whoop"? Well, the David and Jimmy Show sure did, with new tax credits!

Southwyck Mall remains on It is still listed as a "museum." *ding*

Blade labor dispute to last several months. The issue lasted into July - I do believe that qualifies. *ding*