Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Toledo Pride vs Taken for a Ride

Toledo Pride: Going over to an elderly member of your church's home, building a wood rack, and restacking the wood to keep them from an expensive ticket. Kudos to those who helped out, you are defining the true meaning of neighbor.

Taken for a Ride: Having an inspector issue the citation in the first place, without explanation.

It seems to me that in an attempt to reconcile the city budget with the lack of city income, the Emperor has decided to increase the number of "tickets" handed out, not by the police, but by roving city inspectors. It also appears that only the districts of the city that are wealthy enough to pay said tickets are being targeted. Everything from sidewalks to early trash placement is available for revenue raising.

The Emperor calls this a part of raising "Toledo Pride" (as everyone driving up I-75 is reminded of). The program should be "Take 'em for a Ride." City inspectors are apparently entering the property of residents of the city (although I'm not sure if this particular one was given permission to enter), issuing citations for everything they can find, and leaving. Disagree with the citation, and of course you're able to appeal, for only $50. But, it's before someone paid by the city, and if they find you in the wrong, expect to get slapped with additional costs for their time as well as the original fine. Not exactly a petition for a redress of your wrongs, is it? Where else does the same entity (the City of Toledo) act as the police detective, prosecutor, judge, and jury (excepting the IRS, of course).

I suspect that this spring, I'll wake to find an inspector out measuring the length of my lawn, trying desperately to find a blade of grass 1mm over the limit. When it happens (or should any inspector be upon my soil, of which my taxes are dutifully paid on), expect the following to happen.
  • Ask the inspector to leave my property at once, while filming his/her reactions.
  • If the inspector refuses, demand to see warant for search of my home.
  • Lawsuit in state court, demanding that "probable cause" be shown prior to admitting any evidence of supposed "ordnance violation." Suit to include damages, legal fees, and compensation for mental anguish suffered that made it impossible for me to get a restful sleep.

If the city has problems making it's budget, perhaps its time to take a look at what we're spending on (tree lights, bike paths, etc), and not institute more hidden taxes. That's all those fines are, so let's use the "T" word for a change. And, while we're at it, how about removing another "T" word that is still applied to a money scheme ... the "Temporary" 3/4% Income Tax.

Margaritas ante Porcos,

Right Wing Toledo

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blockhead, I mean Ironhead...

I've been listening to the local government cry about the lack of high-paying, union jobs for quite some time now. So, when the local idiots get a chance to create some local jobs, in an industry that won't be going away anytime soon, what do they do? Why, pull the rug out from under the businessman, of course.

As much as I'm against government subsidies, the grant money (both Federal and local) was in place, a company moved into Toledo, and was prepared to make a long-term commitment in a heavy-industry sector. I might even understand the "difficulties" in getting the $4 million from the US government, but there is no valid reason for Carty pulling the $1.5 million commitment (over 3 years). As far as I can see, the reason for doing so is that the Emperor didn't make the deal himself, so he couldn't take credit for it. After all, what's good for the community doesn't matter - it's all about the politics. It certainly wasn't money at the time he announced he wouldn't make good on the commitment, that was the time of the south end bike-path fiasco, and followed shortly by "Light up the Trees."

Carty has been railing against low-paying, service industry jobs as well as retail jobs at those companies he doesn't like (ie Wal-Mart and Costco). He is willing to bend over backwards, however, for the auto industry and union labor. So, what is so different about the Boilermakers?

The biggest asset Toledo has is it's location and geographic features. We've got rail, road, and air transport facilities, and perhaps the best harbor on the Great Lakes. We have to play the hand we're dealt, and I think Carty's willing to throw away two high pair. Quit playing politics over who gets credit, Mr. Mayor.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday's Quote 1-26-07

An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.

- Robert A. Heinlein, Author.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday's Quote 1-19-07

You know why there's a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one.

- Rush Limbaugh

Perhaps the ban on guns in public places makes more sense now.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Global Warming vs The First Amendment

Hedi Cullen, Weather Channel "Climate Expert", has proposed that all meteorologists that disagree with the theory of man-made global warming be decertified by the American Meteorological Society. Her comments are particularly interesting, in light of yesterday's snowfall in Malibu. Amazing, the concept of global warming is so important, that Ms. Cullen feels that those who disagree should be stripped of their livelihood for having the audacity to express an alternate theory.

Well, given that we were told of the "coming Ice Age" at the first Earth Day, I'm not so sure we can trust these climatologists. It is only the hubris to believe we have a complete understanding of something so complex as the Earth's climate, and all it's interactions (including the Sun, if I'm not mistaken.) I suppose it wouldn't look good on one's resume to have an article entitled "Earth's Climate - We've Got No Clue."

As a result, the so called "experts" will do as they always have done, working to ostracize those who disagree. After all, we know that the Earth is flat, the atom is indivisible, and Al Gore was really elected in Florida. So I suppose that the elimination of all competing theories is perfectly acceptable. Unless, of course, one has tenure - but more on that at a later date.

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Carty Passes the First Amendment Torch

The legal victory by the WSPD team yesterday struck a blow for freedom, and against the tyranny, unintentional though it may have been, of a government. In order to balance the scales, Dennis Kucinich proved himself worthy of the torch by announcing the Democrat’s intention to re-institute the so called “Fairness Doctrine.” Now, we not only have assaults on the First Amendment in Toledo, but now the whole US gets to join in the fun.

In launching his “progressive agenda” on the citizens of this country, Comrade Kucinich is attempting to do what Mayor Finkbeiner could not – namely stifle criticism. The “Fairness Doctrine” has often been referred to as the “Hush Rush” bill, designed to force radio stations to provide programming with a view opposite his, regardless of it’s economic viability. (Let’s face it, without sums of stolen cash, Air America would be on the rocks … oh, it is anyway?) This is smack in the face of the First Amendment. There is a Freedom of Speech, but not a Freedom to be Heard.

From my comfortable chair, I can hear the voices screaming “Hypocrite! You backed WSPD, but won’t guarantee Al Frankenstein the same thing.” Well, back to school. Let’s take a look at the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press

The WSDP issue was with the Freedom of the Press, “Hush Rush” smacks in the face of Freedom of Speech. And, if that isn’t enough, governmental press conferences are public affairs, taking place in public buildings, on ground owned by the “public” (via their government). Rush, or any talk show, is broadcast from a studio owned by a private company or corporation (even if publicly owned, the corporation is treated as a private individual.) When the government to dictate what a private owned business must broadcast (or speak, in real terms), it does break ranks with the Constitution.

And libs, would you let me apply this to television? There ought to be some programming showing family values, and showing the good news out of Iraq. What’s good for the microphone is good for the teleprompter.

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo

Saturday, January 13, 2007

An Open Letter to Brian Schwartz

Cross post from Glass City Jungle

Mr. Schwartz,

Your statements give the impression that either you or the Mayor believe that Mr. Milikin cannot do two separate jobs. The way I see it is, during the newscasts, he acts as a reporter - and never during a newscast has he stated "I think..." During the Eye-on-Toledo segment, he acts as a commentator, like many journalists have done on both a local and national level.

If your objection is to WSPD's use of particular portions of the Mayor's words during news broadcasts (which is what department was being covered), please reference the fact that NO media outlet presents the Mayor's news conference in its entirety. The sound byte chosen may not be the Mayor's first choice, but these decisions are made by every news organization separately (ask the President how he feels about it). Since the sound byte is here to stay, perhaps it is the Mayor's best interest to pay more attention to what he says, not to dictate to any media outlet what they can and cannot report (even if it is for the "self-esteem" of the city.)

Now, what this whole mess seems to resolve around is the Mayor's issue with WSPD "barking up a tree" he doesn’t want barked at. Specifically, the bike path and his issue with the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office. I find that the issue of WSPD is that in both occasions, the Mayor may have given the appearance of using his official position for personal gain. Mind you, I do not say that this was his intent, but it certainly appears that way. The bike path was pushed through with little time for determining community support or objections, in an area that would be convenient for his personal use. By invoking his title either verbally or in writing at the jail, the Mayor appears to have sought to curry special favor. I would ask the Ottawa County Sheriff to produce the letter he received from the Mayor, to determine it's exact wording and if or not it was printed on city stationary. (This would be an excellent Freedom of Information Act request - that letter is public record.)

In the interest of fairness, I invite the Mayor for a short-format interview to answer questions regarding this, just as the Program Director of WSPD consented to do, at his earliest convenience.

Right Wing Toledo

Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday's Quote 1-12-07

The First Amendment's freedom of speech and press were fundamental to personal liberty and protected from state infringement.

Edward T. Sanford, US Supreme Court Justice

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Q&A with Brian Wilson

My special thanks to Brian Wilson, Program Director at WSPD, for agreeing to this short Q&A yesterday.

Right Wing Toledo: Before we begin Brian, I should let you know that I don't agree with you on everything, but what a horrible world it would be if everyone thought the same - I call it political correctness.

Brian Wilson: Could be. I call it Common Sense. There is no obligation - or expectation - that everyone will agree with everything on anything, specifically (in this case) on Talk radio. It's the interchange, the dialogue, the compare-and-contrast of spontaneous public debate that makes the format compelling, entertaining and informative. Obviously, some take the liberty and opportunity beyond the boundaries of civility for their own needs; a sad by unavoidable reality.

RWT: The actions of the Mayor of Toledo are clearly in violation of the First Amendment. Are you surprised by the actions of the Blade and other news outlets in the city for not supporting your reporter in the resulting actions Tuesday?

BW: Nope. The Blade is the puppeteer pulling the strings of Toledo government - and has been for a long time. How and precisely when that happened has yet to be covered in my Toledo History 101 class. But the Blade, as an evil, malicious manipulative force within Toledo is beyond question. For the Blade to have taken a principled stand for the First and against its chosen stooge is hardly "surprising". Still, "Hope springs eternal" when if comes to bedrock issues like the defense of the First Amendment. All the Blade's actions (or lack thereof) proves is Block Family values.

The sterilized, dutiful "reporting" by the TV outlets is more depressing. While I recognize they are not specifically in the "Opinion" biz, there is still nothing stopping any/all of them from behaving properly and on principle. Today (Wed), they all had the Golden Opportunity to tell the Mayor, " We won't indulge your "news conference" if you are going to force WSPD to leave.." And see what happens. But, of course, they didn't.

RTW: Given the Mayor's stance on the Second Amendment (in relation to a gun ban in city parks), are you really surprised that he would blatantly violate the first?

BW: Not at all. What's surprising is the "blatantly" part. I've never worked in a market this small and maybe that's a larger part of the explanation. This dude would be toast virtually everywhere else I've lived.

RWT: The Mayor said that you make his administration, and the city "look like losers." Is the function of the press to make an administration look good? And, is the Mayor's job to look after the "self-esteem" of the city?

BW: The function of the Press is to report the facts. Period. Who, What, When, Where, How and sometimes Why. The News Dept is to be factual and ethical - and they have codes to which they voluntarily subscribe to do so. The RTNDA (Radio -Television News Directors Assoc) is the professional organization which oversees the activities of broadcast news operations. Cassie Wilson, CC Dir. of News Operations is a member and contributing author.

The "Self-esteem of the city" is indeed the Mayor's job - if you allow it. And if it means micro-managing news stories and reporters to assure the "right" stories get printed, then the lovers of tyranny who allowed the Mayor to watch over their self-esteem will receive what they so richly deserve. Unfortunately, those of us who don't deserve it will be forced to suffer along. Or leave.

RTW: Would you consider the violation of the First Amendment cause for impeachment of a sitting Mayor? If not, is it cause for a recall election to put the issue to the voters?

BW: Of course. Both, if one doesn't work effectively. To quote my favorite part of the Declaration of Independence:

" That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..."

Governments are put in place by the governed to secure our rights. Not define them, grant them, interpret them, modify them. Using the force of government to violate an inalienable right should do nothing less than forfeit the election of that individual by whatever means necessary - or you must acknowledge the Oath of Office is meaningless and unenforceable.

RWT: Brian, thank you for your time and answering the questions here. I think that it is important for both sides of the story to be told, and it seems we're not getting both of them from the mainstream media - excepting WSPD.

BW: Thanks for the opportunity to speak on Liberty and Freedom. Hopefully, the reader will be moved sufficiently to take whatever actions necessary to preserve our rights in an area and under an administration run by someone, regardless of his strengths and weaknesses, who has demonstrated he is an enemy of Freedom with total disregard for fact and truth, void of civility, decency and honesty. Then again, maybe the reader prefers a cheerleading dictator?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

And the Blade Weighs In

And there you have it. No comment on the First Amendment, no comment on the legality of the Mayor's position. I suppose we are going to have to wait until the Blade issues a "Special Investigation." Perhaps we can feature a story on the Mayor every day, before guilt or innocence is established, then hound his family and urge their prosecution after he is arrested, tried, and convicted. Oh, wait, that was Tom Noe, who was, as last reported by the piddle-paper of record, a Republican.

The fact of a physical confrontation at a public event is indisputable this time, "As Mayoral spokesman Brian Schwartz attempted to hold the door closed..." So, a public official attempted to physically detain a credentialed member of the press (for the second day in a row), from attending a public press conference. According to the Mayor's faithful pup, Brian Schwartz, "he denied the journalist access because Mr. Milliken had not been acting in an objective manner in his dealings with the mayor's office." At last check, the words "objective manner" appear nowhere in the First Amendment. If the Mayor has such a problem with Mr. Milikin, lobby to have his press pass removed. Until then, you must admit him.

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo

Objectivity, Home Rule, and Secret Police.

Well, a new day has dawned in Toledo, and the Mayor and his lapdogs (including the Toledo Piddle-Paper) continue their attacks upon those with a different view. The Blade reporting of the denial of Kevin Milikin’s First Amendment rights left something to be desired – namely the same level of vitriol as their attack on Ken Blackwell. Not only does the article present primarily the Mayor’s side of the argument, but it completely ignores the statements made by city officials that Mr. Milikin has no First Amendment rights – because he is a talk show host. Huh, I guess that the government can shut down anyone it deems not an “objective reporter.” Where do I file my complaint against Al Franken?

I suppose that the “home rule” that Toledo enjoys under Emperor Finkbeiner extends not only to the State Constitution, but to the US Constitution as well. I was unaware that the city charter gave out such power.

In other news, the Toledo version of Pravda reported that the Emperor issued an edict to all of his subjects to report, via his secret police line, any city workers caught taking a break. Now, do I believe that city workers slack off on the job? Yes, I’ve seen 15 minute breaks extend into an hour or more. Should they be punished? Yes, but the investigation needs to come from the city, not the public at large. The only thing this will result in is more time spent in management/union grievance committees, all being paid from the taxpayers’ pockets.

The only person from the Blade to report on the Mayor’s return to “good ole Carty” was (gulp) Roberta deBoer. I find it a sign that the apocalypse is close when I’m in agreement with her. She came to the table a bit late, but let’s welcome her. After all, Carty wasn’t being Carty over COSTCO, the bike path, feuding with WSPD, etc. All that was missing was for him to declare a housing development for the blind by the lighthouse.

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Emperor Strikes Back

WSPD is reporting that their reporter was physically barred from attending a news conference by Mayor Carlton Finkbeiner. This is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. WSPD holds the same credentials for broadcast, has a recognized news program, and is entitled to the same rights as any television station (of which several were admitted) or newspaper (at least one entered.)

One wonders, will the Blade report this behavior by their beloved Mayor? Or, does the "civility" they demand of Ken Blackwell on this very day not apply to Finkbeiner. For once, I eagerly await tomorrow's edition - it may even be read before being relegated to puppy duty.

Margaritas ante Porcos (and the parties have never been clearer),
Right Wing Toledo

Double Standards in Reporting

The Blade's editorial today regarding Ken Blackwell is yet another salvo from the left-wing double-standard machine. To accuse Mr. Blackwell of illegal activities ("large-scale shredding perhaps?") without proof borders on the slanderous. The dog piddle-paper of record in T-Town seems to forget the outright property destruction committed by the outgoing Clinton Administration, and their deafening silence on that issue. Of course, by using the court system, Al Gore and company continued to delay the transition team, only compounding the issue. But, this I guess is what one should expect from a one-party paper in a one-party town.

In fact, Mr. Blackwell had no obligation to open his doors and allow the incoming administration full access. The work of the state needed to continue, and those who were told their jobs were being eliminated were placed in a position of needing to find other jobs over the holidays. Instead, the newspaper seems intent on bashing the former Attorney General, so that this may be muckraked out again should he run for office down the road.

But, I suppose, that destroying furniture (by placing bumper stickers on them) and computer keyboards is OK, as long as it's done by the Dems. Not opening your case files with confidential information, and compromising information concerning ongoing cases is not, if you happen to have an (R) behind your name.

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo

Friday, January 5, 2007

Friday's Quote

"I love to go to Washington -- if only to be near my money."

Bob Hope

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Bringing out the crystal ball for 2007.

Welcome to the New Year. With everyone making their 2007 predictions, I thought it appropriate to add a few of my own:

  • Unemployment in Ohio will rise above 6%, and quite possibly 7%. Between the new minimum wage, and the Dems running the state, this will be unavoidable.
  • There will be no border fence with Mexico. Mistress Nancy has to curry favor with her base, and the illegal immigrant lobby still has sway in the party of the left.
  • Hillary will wait as long as possible before announcing her candidacy for President. Not only to amass a war chest, but to keep the media focus on herself and away from darlings like Obama.
  • No ground will be broken on a new arena, despite raising the hotel tax. Instead, expect another study. In the meantime, one wonders if Perrysburg will attempt another project, perhaps “Bass Pro Arena?”
  • Carty and City Council will institute fees on garbage pickup, raise fees on police and fire responding to accidents, and not repeal the “temporary” 3/4% income tax designed to pay for those services.
  • The Mayor will attempt to create at least one new bike path under the media’s radar, despite the deficit the city will be running under.
  • The Erie Street Market will remain closed for “renovations,” unless by some miracle it is sold to a private developer.
  • The Steam Plant project will show no visible signs of progress, and be steadfastly ignored by the Blade. Expect a dissolution of the David Ball/Jim Jackson development corporation, and the monies paid to have disappeared.
  • Southwyck will remain a standard bearer on
  • Word will begin to get out that the Toledo Public Schools’ building project is massively over budget. Blame will be assigned to thieves stealing copper pipes and wire, rather than the mismanagement. Paying for the cost overruns will be assigned to Toledo taxpayers.
  • A bitter labor dispute at “One of America’s Great Newspapers” will drag on for several months. The workers will be reinstated to their jobs, but no resolution will be achieved. The resulting strike may finish the newspaper off. Good riddance.

As always, these predictions are not offers to sell, buy, or barter. If you base your future, financial plans, or life’s happiness on this column, you deserve what you get.

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo