Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dr. Grossman and the Fat Crusade

Don’t’ say I didn’t warn you. Fresh off of his victory against private property and the freedom of citizens, Dr. David Grossman, Health Commissioner of the City of Toledo, is launching a program to have restaurants in the city serve “healthier food.” In conjunction with Emperor Finkbeiner’s Get Fit program, one can see that the first aim will be the elimination of trans-fats in the city – such as the ban instituted by New York City. Ironically, the kick-off for this program will take place in Sylvania Township – not Toledo. If the mayor can’t find his own city, how can we expect him to find our “health weight?”

Since the government is now in the business of regulating otherwise legal product use, the total regulation of what you can eat in restaurants shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Trans-fats are just the trend of the day. I’m sure we can expect to hear that the government is not interested in approving menus – just like they weren’t interested in banning smoking on anything but domestic flights in 1988 and 1989. In the next 10 years, expect to walk into an eatery, step on a scale, and be handed the menu you are allowed to choose from.

The city’s Director of Economic Development should be screaming at the mayor – oh, that’s right, the mayor IS the director. Let’s face facts; limiting the menus will help drive those customers away who survived the smoking purge. Last time I checked, the local taverns haven’t exactly seen a surge of non-smokers packing the place since the ban was instituted – despite the assurances of the local anti-smoking police. I understand that Emperor Carty and Lackey Grossman don’t believe this would be the result. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, and expect different results.

Once the restaurants and bars have left the city, I suppose it will be a leaner Toledo – specifically the tax base.


Hooda Thunkit said...

”If the mayor can’t find his own city, how can we expect him to find our “health weight?”

Well, we know hizzoner can find his own head. He keeps it neatly parked up his southernmost sphincter when he’s not using it; which is, pretty much most of the time, I’d say ;-)

kurt said...

Sorry to correct, but many of the the voters in Sylvania Township actually vote for Mayor of Toledo, particularly in areas around Wildwood.

Right Wing Toledo said...


Perhaps some of those in the Sylvania school district live witin the City of Toledo limits (I'd have to check to make sure - but Washington Local schools extend into Toledo city limits), but one living within Sylvania Township limits cannot legaly vote for the Mayor of Toledo, only the zomibes living within Toledo city limits may do that.

And the location in which Carty held his "press off the pounds" conference was not within Toledo city limts.