Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blade Editor Donates to Dem Campaigns

The copy editor at the Blade, James Bradley, donated money to both the Kerry campaign and the DNC in '04. When asked about his contribution, he stated that he didn't know if the newspaper had a policy on political activity.

Hmmm. Bradley edits the news portion of the paper - and if I remember correctly, the Blade took a very pro-Kerry stance in both news and editorial coverage. When an editor is taking the step of a political donation, you might well call his objectivity into question. And we all know that the local piddle-paper has never had a problem with objectivity.

Perhaps we should extend the fairness doctrine to newspaper editors' political donations.


Lisa Renee said...

Glad to see you are back. That was a very interesting story, thank you for pointing it out.

Right Wing Toledo said...

Glad to be back. Good to hear from you again Lisa - I look forward to the occasional sparing session. :)

Kurt said...

Wow, so now you are questioning an individual's campaign contributions just because he's associated with a company. "But but but, he's associated with the liberal Blade, and actually edits it." So what? He's not entitled to give his money to whom he wants? Perhaps, RWT is the joke here.

Right Wing Toledo said...


I don't question anyone's ability to make campaign contributions - in fact, I've argued against McCain-Finegold for years. However, when a "news" orginization, or an individual within it, has a fiscal connection to the story or issue at hands, full disclosure requires notification of that. For example, when ABC reports on Disney, they are sure to mention that ABC is owned by Disney. It is for this reason that networks and large newspapers forbid political donations and activities by their reporters.

I recall no disclosure that the news editor was making political donations to members of the Democratic party. If he had been making donations to the Republicans and failing to disclose, I would feel the same.

I find it funny that liberals scream about donations by businesses, when donations go to Republicans - but they have no qualms about the fourth estate's donations to liberal politicans. Now which, a business or a news organization, is supposed to be position neutral on an issue?

Hooda Thunkit said...

But, but, but, but, the Blah is itself a paragon of fair and balanced reporting.

The fact that our local government officials were, for the most part, anointed by this pro-union (except for their own, of course), pro big government, pro strong puppet form of governance has no influence on how they report or who they endorse; just ask their absentee leader, the puppet master formerly known as Johnny Robinson Block.

Yep, ask the man who said that he would ruin or tear this city down and rebuild it in his own image/likeness (or something like that). . .