Wednesday, October 24, 2007

UN Day

Today's calandar reminds me that it is United Nations Day. I suppose we should all take a moment, and give thanks that there is an agent of destruction working towards the end of deomocracy and liberty working in this very country. Also, said organization is supported by the very nations whose way of life it seeks to destroy.

Just in case anyone wonders why I have a problem with the UN, please remember the following:
  • Oil for Kofi's Son
  • The World Bank Scandal
  • Indifference to genocide in Rwanda.
  • Rape of women and children by UN employees.
  • Condoning the turnover of North Korean refugees back to Lil' Kim by China.
  • Sexual Harrassment of UN employees.

The US provides more of the funding for the UN by far, and yet we are the largest target in their eyes. All the while the "diplomats" flaunt our laws and claim immunity. As far as I'm concerned, the US should withhold all monies until the members of the UN pay their NYC parking tickets. I figure the total should wash out a couple of years dues.



A. Renee Daley said...

I'll do you one better. I say kick the UN to the curb. Let Europe or the Middle East sponsor their America bashing "world government".

It's a complete and total farse and I assume a complete and total waste of tax payer money as well.

-Sepp said...

I agree, send the UN packing and take their spies and America haters someplace else.

-Sepp said...

What she said!

J.R.W. said...

I say you've seen too many tv shows and movies that depict the UN. And the diplomats don't claim immunity, they have immunity.

Right Wing Toledo said...


OK, the diplomats "assert" their immunity. And, as to having seen too much television, I don't think anyone who really knows me would think of asserting that.

As to what the UN is really about ... I follow what they're up to - and not just the gilding they attempt to put on the giant turd. And yes, the diplomats do abuse their privlidges, spend some time in Gotham and you can see it firsthand.

Barb said...