Thursday, February 8, 2007

Boy George, Pelosi One, and assorted fun

The illustrious Senior Senator from Ohio, George Voinovich, has signed a letter demanding that the US Senate reopen debate on a “non-binding” resolution opposing sending additional troops to provide security in Iraq. This is hardly the first time Boy George has decided to follow the liberal line – although he never seems to close to re-election time. Conservatives, and Republicans in general, need to be reminded that the Senator’s rating by the American Conservative Union has been in steady decline since his election. If you don’t believe me, ask John Bolton. Unless he is defeated in the primaries, I expect a repeat of the last senate election – Republicans are fed up with his toadying to the press and liberals.


Wow! It was almost a whole month (and I’m still sure within 100 hours) before Nancy Pelosi abandoned her campaign on Congressional perks. It seems that the small plane used by Speaker Hastert simply isn’t up to snuff. Instead, the taxpayers should be expected to pony up a 757 aircraft, equipped for luxury travel: complete with bedroom, changing room, conference room, and high-tech communications gear, all because Ms. Pelosi doesn’t want to stop for fuel on occasion. The distance between her district and Washington is at the edge of the Gulfstream 3 previously assigned to the Speaker’s office. Or, perhaps, it is more that Ms. Pelosi would like to take family, supports, press, and all sorts of others for a free trip. In fact, ABC news reported that Pelosi specifically requested transport for supporters. Well, since the Speaker led the charge to ban travel on chartered jets for the masses of Congress for “ethics reasons”, I suppose one shouldn’t question her motives here. And the military best not, per John Murtha, or they might lose some funding. It’s almost like our Mayor appropriating cash to build a bike path near his home, or a personal shower … oh, never mind.


Some random musings on the passing scene:

Katie Couric has managed to drop to the bottom of the nightly news ratings. I suppose that perky might be OK over morning coffee, but not in the serious news of the evening.

I’m having a hard time with global warming, even with Al Gore’s comments about how threatened we are. I’m more threatened by frostbite. Yes, animals are dying – the reindeer in Sweden need emergency relief because they can’t find food through the ice.

Why is it liberals are so willing to believe that the government can do anything better than private business? Are you willing to trust your transportation to the hospital to the same people that brought you the DMV?

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo

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Hooda Thunkit said...


IMO, the Senile Senator from Ohio, George Voinovich is no longer relevant. . . His “hoof-in-mouth” disease has already done him in politically.

As for “Hypocrite of the House” Ms. Pelosi, she is either drunk on her new-found power or she suffers from the formerly strictly male disease known as penis envy. So, let’s do the right thing by her, take her at her word, and issue her a G5, which can make the flight without stopping in route.

As Glenn Beck speculated this morning, “you know Washington is “left coast,” her district (in California) is “left coast,” the only thing that Ms. Pelosi has to fear in between the two is landing in a red state.”

Katie Couric stopped being “perky” decades ago…

Maybe Al needs to explain his (snicker) “theory” on global warming to the reindeer…

Actually, I am willing to trust my transportation to the hospital to the government (Fire and Rescue) officers. They’ve done well on my last two trips, courtesy of a Lucas Co. life squad.

As long as the service isn’t delivered by the DMV ;-)