Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vox popula, vox Dei

A recent letter to the Blade on the topic of the smoking ban has managed to not raise the bar on the discussion yet again. In his letter, John L. considers neither property rights nor the rights of individuals to use a legal product. He even dismisses the questionable arguments against second-hand smoke. Instead, he asserts “what [smokers] fail to understand is that their behavior is offensive to most of us who do not smoke.” Indeed, as he finishes, “[t]he voters have spoken. We should all now work to eliminate smoke from all hotel rooms, apartment buildings, and condominiums.”

How silly of me indeed. I was unaware that all it took to give backing to legislation was that someone be offended! In that vein, I plan to propose legislation that will outlaw the Democratic Party forever, as their leadership not only offends me daily, but their proposals are certainly hazardous to my health. If the voice of the people is truly the Voice of God, then perhaps we better look to restoring some things that the people voted on, prior to the interference by those pesky “Courts.” Slavery, Jim Crow laws, and segregation were all approved laws in certain states – proposed, passed, and ratified by the legislatures elected by the people of that state. Strange, the voice of the people was interfered with by outside sources (in this case, the Federal Government) – should we revert to these?

Well, in the very next letter, Jeff J. stated that allowing smoking was the very same as expelling Rosa Parks to the back of the bus. Jeff, let’s give you a clue – the bus Rosa was riding on was a public service provided by the city. But, again, Jeff like so many others insists that a location where the public is welcome is public property. If so, can I dictate what you can do in your home because I walk across the sidewalk in front of it?

It is becoming more disturbing, because not only are the property rights of the individual and business owner being run over, they are being run over in the name of “I shouldn’t be offended.” There is no right not to be offended in this country. I used to think that there was the right of someone to use his property as he or she chose. Apparently we’ve replaced the rights granted to us by our Creator with the whim of the created. If that’s the case, eliminate the court oversight, I’ve got some ballot initiatives to prepare: same-sex marriage, abortion, and the recall of Mayors – sounds like a good start to me.

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo


Hooda Thunkit said...


You're on a roll now, so don't let me get in the way ;-)

-Sepp said...

I have always maintained that the word "private" was the key word in "private property" and is the opposite of "public property". What these constitution tampering fools have done is erase the difference between the two making it easier for them to later dictate what goes on in your home.

Right Wing Toledo said...

Excepting of course, what happens on one's bedroom. I guess Lawrence v. Texas said you couldn't legislate sex, but smoking afterward is fair game.