Monday, February 11, 2008

Mayor Earns Left-Wing Chops

Well, King Carlton put his foot where his mouth was once again. I understand that his attempts to make Toledo more metropolitian through bike paths, planting flowers, and "resident artists" (aka grafitti). However, did His Dishoner have to take Toledo down Berkley's path? Soldiers and Irish stay off the grass, indeed!

There's so much wrong with this story, it's difficult to find out where to begin. For the mayor to claim he was uninformed is simply BS. The city put out a press release last Tuesday, the Marines received a permit - there was plenty of opportunity for the Fink to stick his nose into the pot, and smell what was cooking. Instead, he waited until the last minute to assert his authority, and order the soldiers out. (I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that there is no "Mayor" box in the chain of command.)

Then, when the soldiers actually in charge attempted to meet with the Mayor, they were instead stopped by the Minister of Propoganda, with details that the Exaulted One was currently in a meeting, and would be unable to see them. Sure, and my tax check for the city is in the mail - how far would that fly. You deny a permit at the last minute, cost an orginization over $10,000 in travel and time costs, and then don't have the stones to meet with them? My first thought was, "be a man," then I realized that it was Carty I was thinking about - swine aren't human.

The next time the city experiences a race riot, natural disaster, or faces a terrorist attack (more likely with a Democrat in the White House), I hope that when Carty shouts for help, the armed forces are in a meeting.

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