Thursday, February 7, 2008

Well, I suppose it's all over but the crying. I'm going to state it for the record here: I will NOT vote for John McCain for President. It dosn't matter who is also on the ticket: Condi Rice, Fred Thompson, even if the Gipper rose from the grave to run alongside the charter member of the "Gang of 14", I won't be voting for him.

No, I'm not throwing away my vote - that's what the mantra from the McCain gulag will be. Number me with Ann Coulter, I'd rather see 4 (or less) years of Hillary than watch the party I've tried to nuture itself fall into the mud, never to see the light of day again. In fact, should the original RINO win, I expect that the Republican party wouldn't survive intact to the mid-term elections.

I'd take the time to tell you my predictions for the future, but things like double digit inflation and unemployment, an 80% marginal tax rate, and nationalized and rationed health care aren't fun to mention. Just a warning: to those in the insurance industry - start your job retraining now.

If anyone is willing to start an Ohio chapter of the Conservative Party - drop me a line.


Barb said...

There is really not a ghost of a chance for Huckabee?

Are you thinking that 2 years of Hillary will be enough and we'll be ready to dump her in 4?

That's hopeful--- as for Obama. What does he know??

Right Wing Toledo said...


For the record: I won't vote for Huckabee either. But, I don't believe that will ever come to the test.

And yes, I think 2 years of Hill and Dems running The Hill will slide this country into a recession the likes we haven't seen since the late 70's. In fact, things are looking ripe for a repeat of the 76' election.

Barb said...

There are about 5 or 6 Supreme Court justices that might need replacing in the next 4 years. That's why I'll vote for McCain --and hope for the best. But I'm voting for Huck in the primary. He's at least interesting and fun -and eloquent and a quick thinker-not to mention his beliefs. his resume with leadership experience is very strong, also.

Barb said...

I think Huck is interesting, brilliant, eloquent, entertaining --sharp as all get out!

And he's dead right on the issues!

McCain is dead in the water now with the religious right --unless they can prove the NY Times is wrong. Serial adulterer?

Christian Apologist said...

I agree with you right wing. I think I will be voting for a democrat for president this time around. I think that before people will actually get off their butts and repeal and reverse all these insane socialist laws that have been enacted, things will have to get much worse. So let's hasten the decline by voting in a democrat so that they can finish what they started.
Maybe once the democrats have destroyed this country, it will rise again from the ashes like a pheonix.

Right Wing Toledo said...


Regarding Huckabee - look at his record (the same criteria I've applied to McCain). Despite calls for lowering taxes in this election cycle, the Huckster has a long record of raising taxes in Arkansas. 37% higher sales tax, 16% motor fuel tax increase, and 103% increase in "sin" taxes (alcohol and tobacco). Are you ready to add another $1 a gallon in gas prices?

As far as the Supreme court goes, I think the odds are that only 1 justice will be replaced during the next term. However, 3 or 4 are probably going to leave about 5 years out. Elect McCain, and I guarantee you that a radical left wing president wins in 2012 - and we can look for court manditated socialist programs, pubically funded abortions, gay marriage, fellons and non-residents getting drivers licesnses and voiting rights, and state-sponsored descrimination. Sometimes, you just need to take your medicine, and I think this country needs a big gulp of Castor Oil to remind it why you don't want to take it again.

Barb said...

Is it possible that Huck's state taxes were lower than other states? that the residents voted in some of these taxes? (as I had heard.) that they struggled to supply basic services?

As for the supreme court, I think some of those old duffers are just hanging on until a democratic president gets in --and they will all retire in the next 4 years.

Joel said...

so you're against a balanced budget? against strong stance against terrorists and terrorist sponsoring states? For all McCain's faults... you'd RATHER have EITHER of the MOST LIBERAL senators as president?

I don't care WHO McCain's Court nominations are... they are bound to be 100X better then any we will get under Clinton/Obama. Those are (what?) 3 good enough reasons for me.