Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ambassador Dan!

In today’s Blade, Dan Simpson presumes to instruct the President, and his readers, on the size and mission of the US Armed Forces. He is not alone in this regard. His disgust that the President is not following the Iraq Study Group’s recommendations mirrors that of other liberals seeking the troops’ immediate removal as well. What makes this particularly rank is that the normal mode of addressing this individual is “Ambassador Simpson.”

As former Ambassador to Somalia, Mr. Simpson did not advocate for the removal of US troops from that country, even though the US had no legitimate interest there. Even after the “Black Hawk Down” incident, the left wing of this country continued to push for our continued presence. I don’t recall seeing a nightly death count for US forces serving in Africa.

Furthermore, Mr. Simpson praises those Congressmen [Congresspersons for you libs] that had the audacity to contact a foreign government in “talks.” Now, for those of you who never took a US Government class (or were more interested in the boy/girl in the next seat), Ambassadors are the direct link to a foreign government. Ambassadors, boys and girls, are employed by the State Department. And what branch of the government is the State Department in? Anyone? That’s right, the Executive Branch. Now, for extra credit, who runs the Executive Branch? No, not the press, not Congress … the President! I’m sure Mr. Simpson was well aware of these facts, at least when he was working for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Now, I suppose everyone can still tell me who the President is, and I don’t mean Hillary. So, President Bush is ultimately responsible for the contact of, and discussions with, foreign governments. Because the appearance of impropriety is reason enough to investigate … oh, wrong argument. Because the appearance of government backing is enough to lend credence to their discussions – and foreign governments could act on those discussions with the “belief” that they are endorsed by the Executive branch. And don’t give me that “they are only there on their own” excrement, did you need a reason to party in college? But you found one, didn’t you.

Oh, and someone remind the former Ambassador that the Iraq Study Group didn’t write a law, they gave a recommendation. Just like he gave recommendations as an Ambassador – he didn’t direct the Administrations he served under, but rather gave his opinions. If they were followed or not, it was his duty to act on the directives given to him. But, I guess that duty, honor, and country might not have meant the same to Mr. Simpson as to others.

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Hooda Thunkit said...

One would have to wonder about this ambassador's "free-lancing until you recall his name.

Homer and Marge would be so proud...