Thursday, December 14, 2006

Prayer, Politics, and the power of a Governor

On the national scene, Rep. Stephanie Herseth (D-SD) is calling on people to pray for the health of Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD). This raises two questions in my mind:

- Is the request by a member of Congress to pray a violation of the separation of church and state? If so, should the ACLU sue on behalf of offended citizens?

- Is the call for prayer the result of concern for Senator Johnson’s health, or concern for Democrat control of the Senate?

Don’t get me wrong, I hope for a recovery by Sen. Johnson, but the political uproar is amusing to watch. The immediate concern by the mainstream media was how this would affect the “balance of power.”

So, let me join the fray of “what ifs.” If, by some instance, Senator Johnson is unable to perform his duties, whom should Governor Mike Rounds appoint in his place? Liberals are already beginning to campaign the governor to replace him with a Democrat. I believe that he should appoint whomever he sees fit to do so, and if he or she is a Republican, so be it. The race for Governor matters, after all.

To those of you now screaming at your monitors, was Jim Jeffords recalled and replaced by a Republican when he jumped from the Republican Party and changed the balance in the Senate? What should happen if Senator Craig Thomas (R-WY), who has leukemia, should become too ill to continue? Does anyone think that the Democrat governor of Wyoming would replace him with a Republican?

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo


Jeffrey Smith said...

It's almost as strange to hear a Democratic congressperson call for prayer as it is to find a right-wing blog here in Leningrad-on-the-Maumee.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Leningrad-on-the-Maumee..., I LOVE IT!

As for the political hijinks, I LOVE them too.

It's a sadistic streak and it's taking over my life ;-)