Thursday, January 11, 2007

Q&A with Brian Wilson

My special thanks to Brian Wilson, Program Director at WSPD, for agreeing to this short Q&A yesterday.

Right Wing Toledo: Before we begin Brian, I should let you know that I don't agree with you on everything, but what a horrible world it would be if everyone thought the same - I call it political correctness.

Brian Wilson: Could be. I call it Common Sense. There is no obligation - or expectation - that everyone will agree with everything on anything, specifically (in this case) on Talk radio. It's the interchange, the dialogue, the compare-and-contrast of spontaneous public debate that makes the format compelling, entertaining and informative. Obviously, some take the liberty and opportunity beyond the boundaries of civility for their own needs; a sad by unavoidable reality.

RWT: The actions of the Mayor of Toledo are clearly in violation of the First Amendment. Are you surprised by the actions of the Blade and other news outlets in the city for not supporting your reporter in the resulting actions Tuesday?

BW: Nope. The Blade is the puppeteer pulling the strings of Toledo government - and has been for a long time. How and precisely when that happened has yet to be covered in my Toledo History 101 class. But the Blade, as an evil, malicious manipulative force within Toledo is beyond question. For the Blade to have taken a principled stand for the First and against its chosen stooge is hardly "surprising". Still, "Hope springs eternal" when if comes to bedrock issues like the defense of the First Amendment. All the Blade's actions (or lack thereof) proves is Block Family values.

The sterilized, dutiful "reporting" by the TV outlets is more depressing. While I recognize they are not specifically in the "Opinion" biz, there is still nothing stopping any/all of them from behaving properly and on principle. Today (Wed), they all had the Golden Opportunity to tell the Mayor, " We won't indulge your "news conference" if you are going to force WSPD to leave.." And see what happens. But, of course, they didn't.

RTW: Given the Mayor's stance on the Second Amendment (in relation to a gun ban in city parks), are you really surprised that he would blatantly violate the first?

BW: Not at all. What's surprising is the "blatantly" part. I've never worked in a market this small and maybe that's a larger part of the explanation. This dude would be toast virtually everywhere else I've lived.

RWT: The Mayor said that you make his administration, and the city "look like losers." Is the function of the press to make an administration look good? And, is the Mayor's job to look after the "self-esteem" of the city?

BW: The function of the Press is to report the facts. Period. Who, What, When, Where, How and sometimes Why. The News Dept is to be factual and ethical - and they have codes to which they voluntarily subscribe to do so. The RTNDA (Radio -Television News Directors Assoc) is the professional organization which oversees the activities of broadcast news operations. Cassie Wilson, CC Dir. of News Operations is a member and contributing author.

The "Self-esteem of the city" is indeed the Mayor's job - if you allow it. And if it means micro-managing news stories and reporters to assure the "right" stories get printed, then the lovers of tyranny who allowed the Mayor to watch over their self-esteem will receive what they so richly deserve. Unfortunately, those of us who don't deserve it will be forced to suffer along. Or leave.

RTW: Would you consider the violation of the First Amendment cause for impeachment of a sitting Mayor? If not, is it cause for a recall election to put the issue to the voters?

BW: Of course. Both, if one doesn't work effectively. To quote my favorite part of the Declaration of Independence:

" That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..."

Governments are put in place by the governed to secure our rights. Not define them, grant them, interpret them, modify them. Using the force of government to violate an inalienable right should do nothing less than forfeit the election of that individual by whatever means necessary - or you must acknowledge the Oath of Office is meaningless and unenforceable.

RWT: Brian, thank you for your time and answering the questions here. I think that it is important for both sides of the story to be told, and it seems we're not getting both of them from the mainstream media - excepting WSPD.

BW: Thanks for the opportunity to speak on Liberty and Freedom. Hopefully, the reader will be moved sufficiently to take whatever actions necessary to preserve our rights in an area and under an administration run by someone, regardless of his strengths and weaknesses, who has demonstrated he is an enemy of Freedom with total disregard for fact and truth, void of civility, decency and honesty. Then again, maybe the reader prefers a cheerleading dictator?

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