Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Double Standards in Reporting

The Blade's editorial today regarding Ken Blackwell is yet another salvo from the left-wing double-standard machine. To accuse Mr. Blackwell of illegal activities ("large-scale shredding perhaps?") without proof borders on the slanderous. The dog piddle-paper of record in T-Town seems to forget the outright property destruction committed by the outgoing Clinton Administration, and their deafening silence on that issue. Of course, by using the court system, Al Gore and company continued to delay the transition team, only compounding the issue. But, this I guess is what one should expect from a one-party paper in a one-party town.

In fact, Mr. Blackwell had no obligation to open his doors and allow the incoming administration full access. The work of the state needed to continue, and those who were told their jobs were being eliminated were placed in a position of needing to find other jobs over the holidays. Instead, the newspaper seems intent on bashing the former Attorney General, so that this may be muckraked out again should he run for office down the road.

But, I suppose, that destroying furniture (by placing bumper stickers on them) and computer keyboards is OK, as long as it's done by the Dems. Not opening your case files with confidential information, and compromising information concerning ongoing cases is not, if you happen to have an (R) behind your name.

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo


Hooda Thunkit said...

Hypocrisy plain and simple..., as per usual.

Kurt said...

Forgive me for this, and I'll doubt you'll post this, but how can you discuss the improprieties of the Clinton administration for lying about extra-curricular activities when the current president lied about the reason for the war. Really, what's worse? The death of 3,000 troops or the President having a little fun in the oval office (which resulted in impeachment). It seems the current president's lies are worse. Your response, if you even post this.

Right Wing Toledo said...


I was not discussing Clinton’s perjury (the willful giving of false testimony under oath or affirmation, before a competent tribunal, upon a point material to a legal inquiry. Random House Dictionary) – for which he was impeached, and disbarred by the Arkansas Bar Association. I was referring to acts of willful destruction made by members of his administration just prior to turning over their offices to the Bush team. I suggest you do a Lexis-Nexis search.

But, I’ll indulge a moment and tackle your point, off topic though it be. Your “lie” better known as the “sixteen words” uttered by the President in his State of the Union address seems to be the only thing you can hang your hat on. Well, again I implore you to do a bit more of a search than on Michael Moore’s website. In other words, find the context. The context in this case is “British Intelligence believes that…” a point always omitted by the media, those on the left, etc. British Intelligence continue to stand behind this assessment, and even Mighty Joe Wilson, in his original report, agreed with the British. So, where’s the lie? But save your answer for another topic, and stick to the Blade’s hypocrisy.

MikeyA said...

Why didn't the blade mention Sandy Berger's theft and willful destruction of government records from the National Archives?