Thursday, January 4, 2007

Bringing out the crystal ball for 2007.

Welcome to the New Year. With everyone making their 2007 predictions, I thought it appropriate to add a few of my own:

  • Unemployment in Ohio will rise above 6%, and quite possibly 7%. Between the new minimum wage, and the Dems running the state, this will be unavoidable.
  • There will be no border fence with Mexico. Mistress Nancy has to curry favor with her base, and the illegal immigrant lobby still has sway in the party of the left.
  • Hillary will wait as long as possible before announcing her candidacy for President. Not only to amass a war chest, but to keep the media focus on herself and away from darlings like Obama.
  • No ground will be broken on a new arena, despite raising the hotel tax. Instead, expect another study. In the meantime, one wonders if Perrysburg will attempt another project, perhaps “Bass Pro Arena?”
  • Carty and City Council will institute fees on garbage pickup, raise fees on police and fire responding to accidents, and not repeal the “temporary” 3/4% income tax designed to pay for those services.
  • The Mayor will attempt to create at least one new bike path under the media’s radar, despite the deficit the city will be running under.
  • The Erie Street Market will remain closed for “renovations,” unless by some miracle it is sold to a private developer.
  • The Steam Plant project will show no visible signs of progress, and be steadfastly ignored by the Blade. Expect a dissolution of the David Ball/Jim Jackson development corporation, and the monies paid to have disappeared.
  • Southwyck will remain a standard bearer on
  • Word will begin to get out that the Toledo Public Schools’ building project is massively over budget. Blame will be assigned to thieves stealing copper pipes and wire, rather than the mismanagement. Paying for the cost overruns will be assigned to Toledo taxpayers.
  • A bitter labor dispute at “One of America’s Great Newspapers” will drag on for several months. The workers will be reinstated to their jobs, but no resolution will be achieved. The resulting strike may finish the newspaper off. Good riddance.

As always, these predictions are not offers to sell, buy, or barter. If you base your future, financial plans, or life’s happiness on this column, you deserve what you get.

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo


Lindsay said...

Just to make sure you understand. The labor dispute at The Blade is a lockout, not a strike. There is a big difference.

Right Wing Toledo said...


I'm well aware that the Blade is locking out it's employees. The recent court decision that such an action is illegal is what prompted my prediction. I suspect that the newspaper will be forced to reinstate the employees, and will then make life so miserable that a strike will result. Sorry for not making that more clear.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Interesting predictions and I can't argue at all with most of them. I'd like to offer a tweak on the police/fire budget topic.

In lieu of raising police and fire fees, a 6-mil levy for police & fire services only will be put before the voters in May.

It will go down in flames. . .