Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Objectivity, Home Rule, and Secret Police.

Well, a new day has dawned in Toledo, and the Mayor and his lapdogs (including the Toledo Piddle-Paper) continue their attacks upon those with a different view. The Blade reporting of the denial of Kevin Milikin’s First Amendment rights left something to be desired – namely the same level of vitriol as their attack on Ken Blackwell. Not only does the article present primarily the Mayor’s side of the argument, but it completely ignores the statements made by city officials that Mr. Milikin has no First Amendment rights – because he is a talk show host. Huh, I guess that the government can shut down anyone it deems not an “objective reporter.” Where do I file my complaint against Al Franken?

I suppose that the “home rule” that Toledo enjoys under Emperor Finkbeiner extends not only to the State Constitution, but to the US Constitution as well. I was unaware that the city charter gave out such power.

In other news, the Toledo version of Pravda reported that the Emperor issued an edict to all of his subjects to report, via his secret police line, any city workers caught taking a break. Now, do I believe that city workers slack off on the job? Yes, I’ve seen 15 minute breaks extend into an hour or more. Should they be punished? Yes, but the investigation needs to come from the city, not the public at large. The only thing this will result in is more time spent in management/union grievance committees, all being paid from the taxpayers’ pockets.

The only person from the Blade to report on the Mayor’s return to “good ole Carty” was (gulp) Roberta deBoer. I find it a sign that the apocalypse is close when I’m in agreement with her. She came to the table a bit late, but let’s welcome her. After all, Carty wasn’t being Carty over COSTCO, the bike path, feuding with WSPD, etc. All that was missing was for him to declare a housing development for the blind by the lighthouse.

Margaritas ante Porcos,
Right Wing Toledo

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