Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Empowerment Comes Only in Certain Forms

The YWCA of Greater Toledo turned down a $1,200 donation from the Lucas County Democratic Party in the fallout of strippergate. According to local Chairwoman Lisa McDuffie, "Strip clubs are an outlet to dominate, control, and exploit women through money." Last time I checked, no one was holding a gun, forcing women to become strippers. In fact, they were making a choice.

I find this interesting, given the YWCA's stance on abortion. In fact, according to their own position paper, the organization "has been an advocate for reproductive rights and freedoms," and "adopted a “freedom of choice” position in 1967 at the YWCA National Convention following an extensive debate by the nearly 1,000 delegates from local associations all over the country." (Emphasis mine) If a woman has the choice of what to do with her body where abortion is concerned, why does this not extend to the acts that lead to the abortion? Looks like a double standard to me.



Man with the Muck-rake said...

Of course it would 'look like a double standard' to you. As a declared 'right-winger' your political philosophy doesn't mesh with those to the left of you.

Others see shades of gray, light gray, dark gray, and mottled gray.

Many on the right side of center know only black and white. Perhaps this 'color' barrier inspires a post such as this.

Right Wing Toledo said...


The very post-modern viewpoint the liberals espouse declares that there are no absolutes - so why would the YWCA take such an absolute position regarding strippers? After all, they did not take a position of "shade of gray" regarding partial birth abortion - by their own words abortion must be legal in all forms, at any time, and on demand. That is what freedom means to them. I'm just pointing out that they're giving lip service regarding freedom.

Man with the Muck-rake said...

I have to laugh at your use of 'partial birth abortion.' Partial birth abortion is a slick phrase, concocted by ultra pure conservative Christians.

There is no 'birth' involved with it. I am against it, yet I must decry the slick nomenclature thought up by its opponents.

Regarding your statement that, according to liberals, that 'there are no absolutes.' Hyperbole serves no debate well.

Right Wing Toledo said...

birth - The emergence and separation of offspring from the body of the mother. American Heritage Dictionary

In the procedure you describe, the "offspring" emerges from the body of the mother up to the head. It does not seperate until the brains are sucked out and the skull crushed. However, with the beginning of emergance, the defination of birth has begun. Therefore, partial-birth is a correct term.

As to the concept of no absolutes, why is it that liberals are always crying "you can't judge me? I don't have to live by your standards." That is the very root of post-modernist theory. I would suggest you spend some time reading Foucault and Baudrilliard.

Man with the Muck-rake said...

why is it that liberals are always crying "you can't judge me?


Rather absolute, isn't it?

Birth: customarily 9 months

Right Wing Toledo said...


Pardon - Why are liberals so often crying "You can't judge me?" I hope that clarifies things for you.

Please check your dictionary regarding the term "birth". There is no time limitation, 9 months or otherwise. If that was the case, I suppose my daughter, who entered this life at less than 8 months gestation, was never really born. In fact, the term "birth" does not imply status, simply the process of emergence from the mother. If it did, then the term "stillborn" would be an oxymoron, instead of a legitimate medical term. Remember, words mean things, and you can't change that meaning if you don't like it.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I find it interesting that the YWCA doesn’t see the contradiction in their position paper’s “freedom of choice” position and the values alluded to by their placing of the “C” in the name YWCA. . .


No, but certainly some kind of moron none the less.

Right Wing Toledo said...


I suppose we could call that organization CINO. I understand that organizations change and morph over time (the March of Dimes is a prime example), but this makes as much sense as B'nai B'rith supporting Hezbollah.

-Sepp said...

They're so full of hypocracy. Give women the right to choose but only if it's sanctioned by leftist groups? Most of the biddys who hate strip clubs always seem to have a crazed paranoia that their husbands go to them.

Barb said...

I applaud the YWCA for condemning the Dems for their stripper-gate --even if they are inconsistent in their liberal stance on abortion. And you are right to call them on it.

But if I were them, i would take the democrats' money anyway --all the more for YWCA and their programs and the less for electing democrats!

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