Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Ugly American - Only When Republican

I find it interesting that when the US involves itself in the internal workings of another country, at least when a Republican is President, it is almost always hailed as another example of the "Ugly American." However, an editorial in today's Blade calls for President Bush to work for the protection of farm unions within the country of Mexico. Interesting, given that many who are proposing this bill, including Marcy Kaptur (S-OH), view the construction of a fence upon US soil as a violation of Mexico's sovereignty.

The newspaper and Ms. Kaptur are insisting on police protection for organizers, in a country rife with crime and social problems. So, why should these organizers be any different than Mexican citizens. If it is because they come from the US, or because the union is a major supporter of Ms. Kaptur?

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Hooda Thunkit said...

As usual, the dems will do anything humanly possible to case rep's in as much bad light as possible.

Don't bother looking for the logic/reasoning behind it, it's politics.