Friday, July 6, 2007

The Blade Weighs In on One Party Rule

Seen in the editorial section of today's Blade.

In short, the era of one-party rule is over. The art of compromise is again a valued part of the legislative process, and the people of Ohio are likely to be better served from a policy standpoint.

Why is it, I wonder, why what's good for the state isn't good for the city and county?



Man with the Muck-rake said...

Why is it, I wonder, why what's good for the state isn't good for the city and county?

There Is divided rule in the city of Toledo. There is a Republican mayor and 4 Republicans on council.

[I know, Carty has a "D" behind his name, but, come on, we alll know that he's a DINO]

I'd say that's pretty good considering the demographics and party affiliation of the citizens of Toledo.

Does it really matter too much in urban government whether one is an R or D?

What matters more is who is the corrupt R and who is the corrupt D.

Right Wing Toledo said...

I wonder, how would you react if Congress had 67% Republicans, with a Republican President - would you still call the government "divided?" As to Carty's political standing, let's look at his policies:

* Increased governmental regulation.
* Increased taxes and fees for government services to replace cheaper private businesses.
* Only certain businesses are welcomed into the city (union jobs only, please).

The fact that there are a couple of Republicans on council is amazing, particularly considering the district structure designed to elminate Republicans. And yes, it does matter if one is an R or a D - the D's have run this city into the ground over the past couple of decades, and their continued rule won't allow that to change.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"Why is it, I wonder, why what's good for the state isn't good for the city and county?"

Actually Toledo/Lucas County seems more fractured with more like 4 political parties.

1. The (slightly pro business) "B" dems.

2. The (Socialist/Communist leaning) "A" dems.

3. The (functionally impotent) rep's.

4. The traditional rep's, of which non are easily spotted, since the last one left elected office.

And, with numbers 2 & 3 mostly in bed with each other, things can be quite confusing.

Sometimes I wish they'd all wear name tags/labels; it would make it so much easier...

David Ben-Ariel said...

And here I thought this was about the coup against Rob Ludeman at the racist Toledo City Council!

If the roles/races were reversed, there would be a riot and lots of press. Poor Toledo going the way of Detroit. Poor America going the way of South Africa.

It just isn't right!

Racist Toledo City Council Removes White President

Michael Ashford's racist agenda

A Warning For America From South Africa