Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rules for Comments

A couple of folks (mostly posting under Anon.) have had their comments not approved. In order to insure that (mostly) everyone who wants to have a say can avoid the wrath of me, here are some guidelines. Following them all might not get your comment included - but failure to comply will almost definitely get your comment trashed.

  • Comments must be intelligent, and based on the subject at hand (no wandering off the topic of the post.)
  • Posts with factual backup stand a much better chance of being included. So, cite your source. (Note to liberals: is not a source of facts.)
  • Irrational, emotion driven posts will be trashed.
  • The only one allowed to hold a flame-thrower on this field is myself - you can disagree with me, or another commenter, but no trashing. Please note the the McCain-Finegold-Kennedy-Clinton exception.
  • Words mean things, please know the meaning of a word before you use it. If you are unsure, check
  • Brevity is the sole of wit. No 6 page dissertations please.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it hits the highlights of the more recent additions to the garbage can. Remember, my field, my ball, my rules - I don't edit posts, I just trash them.



Right Wing Toledo said...

Imagine that, someone violated the 'flame-throwing' provision on this very post!

Brian Maxson said...

I was here to not only add to my blog cred, but your instructions are educational.

Man with the Muck-rake said...

It seems that the moderator doesn't like to be challenged in his political thinking. I was the one who 'violated' the provisions,

Too bad about that, but like many bloggers on the 'right-side' he moderates the comments: read screens out dissent.

Most probably, this comment too, eh right-wing Toledo??

Right Wing Toledo said...

I have no problems with challanges, but can you keep the challange limited to the issues?

I suppose, unlike many liberal blogs, I prefer to keep a civil tone to the discussion.

But, I suppose this shows another difference in liberals and conservatives. I'm not going into Muck's "home" (in an on-line sense), and telling him how to run it. On the other hand, the political left proposes that your home must be run by their rules. I'm sensing another issue of "Why Its Easier to be a Liberal."

Man with the Muck-rake said...

You can 'sense' whatever you want to, right wing, just don't censor needlessly.

Folks with a more liberal thought pattern find few topical boundaries out there in the real world and are dismayed by some who find it necessary to deal in shadows and skulduggery.

After all, my name says it all.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"Imagine that, someone violated the 'flame-throwing' provision on this very post!"

No surprise here.

Sensible rules, and an even-handed approach, but are you really surprised that posting them was taken by some as a challenge?


There was no need to announce that it was you.

There was never any doubt who it was.

Barb said...


I must come here more often.

RWT, Muck raker gives me no chance to rebut anything he says --no matter what my tone -- HE is a moderator who doesn't like to be challenged in his political (or religious) thinking! He deletes and closes off his blog, enables the moderation, and persistently screens me out --etc. etc. --he finds me so objectionable.

Imagine that --sweet lil ol me!

and my son--who he thinks is me --but he isn't.

I think the blogs with divergent points of view in the comments are more interesting and enjoy a wider audience--but I agree that a respectful tone is much more constructive use of blog time and space.

True tolerance is being willing to discuss peaceably --instead of going for the jugular --or as Microdot says, just a "smidgeon of sarcasicity" might spice things up a bit and provide interest and amusement.

A little levity (without completely disrespectful and demeaning scorn) makes argument less hateful -- Hostility sends everyone behind the barriers with their shotguns!

Barb said...

I am back to my blog with new topic on blog censorship -- Come visit.